Councilor Marcus DiNatale was critical at Tuesday’s meeting

Before Tuesday’s Finance Committee meeting, he provided a written policy created by the mayor’s office and the IT Department, but most councilors didn’t like it.According to that policy, department heads are responsible for sections of the website related to their department, and if there is a problem such as information not being placed online in time, Bonilla asks them to fix it.Bonilla said the policy has his department work with other departments the same way the Purchasing Department does.City Councilor Stephan Hay was critical of the procedure.”I think this sets us up for failure and sets us up to have infighting between the IT Department and the managers of all the departments in the city of Fitchburg, which is an unreasonable position to put the head of the IT Department in.” he said. “There should be none of that.”In an interview Friday Canada Goose Outlet, Bonilla said he supports the policy, and disagrees with the alternative of having to report problems directly to the mayor without contacting department heads first. He said that is a slow Cheap Canada Goose, inefficient approach and it sets up potential hostilities between himself and department heads.Councilor Marcus DiNatale was critical at Tuesday’s meeting that for at least a month, a page on the city website called “Doing Business in Fitchburg” has been completely blank.”Every time I go on that website there are broken links, there’s missing information.

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