What started as a confrontation between pro democracy activists

By Kanya D’AlmeidaIn a conflict that has claimed over 220,000 lives and injured a further 840,000 people as of January 2015, it is sometimes hard to see beyond the death toll.What started as a confrontation between pro democracy activists and the entrenched dictatorship of President Bashar al Assad in 2011 savecelinebags.com, Syria’s civil war is today one of the world’s most bitter conflicts, involving over four separate armed groups and touching numerous other countries in the region.”I feel responsible for my family. I feel like I’m still a child and would love to go back to school, but my only option is to work hard to put food on the table for my family.” Ahmed, a 12 year old Syrian refugee in JordanWith millions on the brink of starvation and displaced Syrians now representing the largest refugee population in the world, after Palestinians, scores of lesser known war related atrocities are jostling for space in the headlines.On Jul. 2, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and Save the Children released a joint report highlighting one of the hidden impacts of the Syrian crisis a rise in child labour throughout the region.In a press release issued in Jordan’s capital, Amman, Thursday, the agencies warned, “Syria children are paying a heavy price for the world failure to put an end to the conflict.”The report shows that inside Syria, children are now contributing to the family income in more than three quarters of surveyed households, In Jordan, close to half of all Syrian refugee children are now the joint or sole family breadwinners in surveyed households, while in some parts of Lebanon, children as young as six years old are reportedly working.””The most vulnerable of all working children are those involved in armed conflict, sexual exploitation and illicit activities including organised begging and child trafficking,” the release stated.Before the outbreak of war four years ago, Syria was considered a middle income country, providing its people a decent standard of living and boasting a literacy rate of 90 percent Celine Replica, according to UNICEF data.By the middle of 2015, however, four in five Syrians were living below the poverty line and 7.6 million were classified as internally displaced persons (IDPs).With whole cities and towns emptied of residents, businesses and industries have collapsed Replica Celine, sending unemployment rates soaring from 14.9 percent in 2011 to 57.7 percent today.

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