Menendez is up for re election next year

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cheap canada goose outlet Picture this ad: A Mexican man takes off his sombrero to reveal a Muslim woman underneath. She takes off her hijab to reveal a Jewish man, who takes off his yarmulke to reveal. A Cheeto. Menendez is up for re election next year. If he is convicted and canada goose outlet steps down or is forced out of the Senate by a two thirds majority vote before Gov. Chris Christie leaves office Jan. cheap canada goose outlet

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canada goose clearance The white supremacist Duke is a former state representative who represented suburban New Orleans for one term more than two decades ago and was an unsuccessful candidate for Congress. His failed bid for governor in the 1991 race against former Gov. Edwin Edwards was one of Louisiana’s most high profile elections, with Duke opponents proudly showing bumper stickers supporting Edwards that read “Vote for the crook canada goose clearance.

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