Make your voice heard,” she said

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cheap Canada Goose Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!The Cambridge scientist who warned the Fens could be under water by the end of the Century says it’s time for younger generation to take a stand on climate change.British Antarctic Survey oceanographer Dr Emily Shuckburgh, OBE, says trying to lower our individual carbon footprint is important, but the number one thing people can do to make a real difference is vote.She also hit out at British politicians for failing to put the issue on the agenda, and singled out US President Donald Trump for his dismissal of the Paris Agreement earlier this month.”The number one thing people can do is vote. Make your voice heard,” she said.”Climate change didn’t really feature much in our recent election but what did feature quite a lot Canada Goose Sale in our recent election was intergeneration equity, this idea that younger generation are being screwed over by the older generation.”And there is no greater issue of intergenerational equity than climate change.”Cambridge scientist warns Ely will become an island (again) due to rising sea levelsDr Emily Shuckburgh, 43, is deputy head of the Polar Oceans Team at the British Antarctic Survey, which is focused on understanding the role of the polar oceans in the global climate system.She is a fellow of cheap canada goose Cambridge University’s Darwin College, fellow of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, associate fellow of the Centre for Science and Policy, member of the Cambridge Forum for Sustainability and the Environment, and member of the Faculty of Mathematics.Dr Emily Shuckburgh is the British Antarctic Survey’s deputy head of polar oceansAs a climate scientists she has spent her life dedicated to the study of global warming and has Cheap Canada Goose also acted as an advisor to the UK Government on behalf of the Natural Environment Research Council.She continued: “Decisions that we make today whether it is Trump in America or Michael Gove in his new position as Environment Minister are going to be impacting on our children for the rest of their lives.”At the moment President Trump is posing an existential threat to life in the Fens. If American continues emitting [fossil fuels] as it is at the moment we will get to the stage in the coming decades when actually being able to live and farm and whatever else in the Cambridgeshire Fens begins to become increasingly untenable cheap Canada Goose.

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