The Lifestyle 38 ($2,999) and Lifestyle 48 ($3,999), which

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replica hermes The two Lifestyles also use Bose’s uMusic intelligence playback system to automatically play music according to the user’s recent preferences. That requires a little help from the user, who must signal, via a remote control, if he likes or dislikes a song, whether it wants the Lifestyle system to play more songs like it or to ban the song for the time being.The uMusic system consults a database of more than 500,000 CD titles to store information on each song played on the Lifestyle, compiling a musical profile of the user. The Lifestyle systems also can stream music to other Lifestyle systems in the house equipped with Bose Link technology.The Lifestyle 38 ($2,999) and Lifestyle 48 ($3,999), which include five speaker modules, a media center/receiver and an Acoustimass subwoofer, will be available in August.Caution: As with its other products, Bose does not release information critical to the consumer, such as the power of the Lifestyle amplifier, the size of its hard disk and the bit rate used for its MP3 conversion.. replica hermes

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