The union also agreed to have workers contribute 4 percent of

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hermes replica “There were concessions Hermes birkin replica made, but they were concessions that we feel went in the direction of Hermes birkin replica putting job security back in the forefront of this thing,” Misnik said.The union also agreed to have workers contribute 4 percent of their salary to their pension fund, a payment that the tollway covered under the previous contract, which expired March 31 after a three month extension. But union officials said they aren’t upset about the new provision, pointing out that tollway management has agreed to high enough wage increases to make up for the contribution.The layoffs and pension contributions were the main sticking points in a series of bargaining sessions that have taken place since last fall.While both sides were hopeful they could avoid a walk off, tollway management had a plan in place to ensure tolls would be collected and traffic would not be disrupted if a strike occurred.The last toll collectors’ strike occurred more than 30 years ago and lasted nine days.Under the proposed agreement, the tollway could only eliminate 49 positions this year and 36 next year. The layoffs could not begin until Sept. hermes replica

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