Since then

Since then, our friends have expected us to pay for every meal we shared, even though the four of us had always split the tab in the past. It not like our friends are hurting for money. But apparently they decided that I loaded (I not) and that I want to or ought to be treating them every time we go out.

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The Bisons unveiled their specially themed Jedi jerseys Thursday, which the players will wear on the team’s Star Wars Night at Coca Cola Field this season. The brown and tan jerseys will look like a robe opened to reveal the Jedi Knight’s weapon of choice, a lightsaber. The jersey also features a Bisons logo above an image of the Death Star..

wholesale nfl jerseys from china And then for some reason after taking a smooth practice swing and still feeling on top of the world, you address the ball, a little doubt creeps in. You start that back swing with a little sway in the body and before you know it you have over swung just a bit. Then as you start your downswing your hips shift slightly causing your hands to get too far ahead of the club so that at impact you are coming from outside in cutting at the ball causing a severe slice to the right and the round begins wholesale nfl jerseys from china.

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