The ravioli went onto cookie trays

The ravioli went onto cookie trays and into Ballard’s deep freezer. Once firm, they go into bags. But first Ballard counts them. “That’s the one thing that sticks in my mind to this day.”He said viewers were “very thankful” to be given any direction of what was going on.”This was the kind of event that you don’t want to be alone,” he said. “Even though you have family, you want somebody to give you the best information they can. The general feeling I got from the public was they were glad we were there and very complimentary of what we were doing.”An older couple whose car was in a ditch was especially happy to see the Channel 4 crew when O’Connell was being driven home.”We got them out and the gentleman reached in to give us a $5 bill for helping, and we said no,” said O’Connell, “And then he said, ‘you guys in television must make a lot of money.’ I thought that was kind of a cute way of him saying thank you.””It was becoming increasingly difficult between 6 o’clock and 11 o’clock to even see the side of the building where the camera was from inside,” recalled Jolls.

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