People don’t want to be tested. They either don’t know or ignore warnings that unprotected sex causes most of the infections. Their refusal to face facts will continue to be a prescription for disaster.. The use of rapid HIV tests is expanding to include combination tests that detect both anti HIV antibody and p24 antigen, as well as tests for early infant diagnosis (discussed below) and for HIV 1 and HIV 2 subtype differentiation.23 Detection of both antibody and antigen during the acute phase of infection is particularly beneficial to prevention efforts because the rate of HIV transmission is 26 times higher during this phase and can account for up to 50% of new HIV infections.23 The fourth generation Determine HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab Combo (Alere, Waltham, USA) is an immunochromatographic rapid test that detects antigen and antibody separately. In two independent studies, the Determine HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab Combo showed sensitivities of 50% and 86% for antigen detection.24,25 Although ELISA has higher sensitivity, the Determine HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab Combo test is still able to detect early HIV infection. Larger studies are needed to confirm whether the Determine HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab Combo test is a suitable alternative to ELISA in low resource locations..

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The course specifically caters to doctors and nurses working in the emergency room, but Martin Marshall, the Pre Hospital Care Program Coordinator explained that any health care professional would benet from learning these skills. “It’s a great course to have, all of our participants passed, and we received some good feedback from them,” Marshall said. “We’re looking forward to teaching another cycle of this course in April.” To take the course outside of Portage College, nurses and physicians would have to pay over $500 for the training and exam, but thanks to instructors in the Pre Hospital Care department, certication came cheap.