Most Versative Vehicle on Earth
The Hagglunds BV206

Roadless country, rocky outcrops, boulder strewn terrain, swamp and marsh and water hazards are just some of the challenges the Hagglunds BV206 is designed to overcome.
The Hagglunds BV206 was designed for our tough northern climate and it performs well on any kind of terrain. In untamed country, the BV206 is often the only viable transportation option.

Hagglunds BV206 all-terrain vehicles are used in forestry, transmission line work, pipeline construction and maintenance, construction work on remote sites, forest firefighting, rescue and relief work, ambulance duty, crew transport and tourism.

Easy on the Land

Where wheeled vehicles fail, where steel tracks damage sensitive landscape, the Hagglunds BV206 is light on its tracks and easy on the ground surface.

The BV206 exerts minimal ground pressure – a mere 11.6/13.6 kPa (1.68/1.97 PSI), less than half the pressure exerted by a human foot. The rubber tracks are easy on road surfaces, even at speeds up to 55 km/h.

Since the BV206 is amphibious, you can just drive right through a pond or shallow lake. Rocky slopes of 60 percent or steeper are no obstacle.

Hagglunds BV 206 Features

The Hagglunds BV206 was designed to military specifications, developed during eight years of hard testing of some 50 prototype vehicles. The unique design, featuring articulated steering and drive on all four tracks, is ideal for negotiating difficult countryside and snow. The servo-assisted steering gear, the link between the front and rear units, allows flexibility and tight turns. The turning radius is less than eight meters (27 ft), even when fully loaded.

The Hagglunds load capacity is over two tons: 600 kg or six passengers and driver in the front unit, and 1400 kg or 11 passengers in the rear unit. Up to 200 kg of equipment can be carried on the roof of the rear unit.

The nylon-cord reinforced rubber tracks are driven by twin rows of drivers and further supported by twin rows of idlers. The average life of the tracks is 10,000 km or more if used only over snow. Front and rear tracks are identical – a distinct advantage for parts.

Equipped with a Ford V6 136 hp gas engine, or one of two Mercedes-Benz turbo diesels. Engines and the automatic gearbox are standard commercial units with parts readily available.

Hagglunds BV206 benefits:

  • excellent off-road ability due to articulated steering and four-track drive
  • low operating costs, little maintenance
  • minimal ground pressure, even with full load
  • works in all types of terrain and under any climatic conditions
  • fully amphibious without extra preparations
  • excellent traction and hill-climbing ability
  • two tons payload, with the possibility of coupling an extra 2500 kg trailer
  • cold starting down to -52A�C
  • excellent heating and ventilation, air conditioning is available as an option.
  • easily changed rear body configuration

Body Configurations

There is a choice of rear body options to match various requirements. The most widely adopted version is the standard fully enclosed body, for both front and rear units. All bodies are built of fiberglass reinforced plastic. Though light, the bodies are well insulated, extremely strong and able to withstand loads.

Internal arrangements are up to the customer, depending on the end use. Seats can easily be installed, or up to four stretchers can be accommodated in the rear body.

Technical Specifications

Weight and Payload

Front Car* Rear Car* Total
Curb weight 2710 kg (5974 lbs) 1620 kg (357l lbs) 4330 kg (9545 lbs)
Payload 580 kg (1279 lbs) 1670 kg (3682lbs) 2250 kg (4961 lbs)
Gross weight 3290 kg (7253 lbs) 3290 kg (7253lbs) 6580 kg (14506lbs)
Passengers 5 (6) 11 16 (17)
Cargo space 2.5 m3 (88 ft3) 5.5 m3 (194 ft3) 8 m3 (283 ft3)

* Driver 70 kg (154 lbs) included in payload
**Maximum 200 kg (44l lbs) of the payload can be carried on the roof rack

Maximum trailer weight 2500 kg (5500 lbs)
Specific ground pressure Front/Rear car 11.6/13.6 kPa (1.68/1.97 PSI)
0.2/0.05 m sinkage


Max. speed, on roads 55 km/h (34 mph)
in water 3 km/h (2 mph)
Grade, hard surface 60% (31A�)
deep snow 30% (17A�)
Range on roads 300 km (186 miles)
Minimum operating temperature -52A�C (-6l.6A�F)


Industrial Ford V6 Gasoline 136 hp
Mercedes-Benz 5 cyl. Turbo Diesel 125 hp
Mercedes-Benz 6 cyl. Turbo Diesel 136 hp


Daimler-Benz W 4A 040
Automatic 4-step forward, 1 reverse
Transfer gearbox manufacturer: Hagglunds Vehicle AB
Gear ratios: High 1.28:1, Low 2.11:1

Steering System

Hydrostatic, articulated
Turning radius 8m (26 ft)
Emergency steering Standard


Moulded rubber with cord
Width 620 mm (24.4 in)
Four track drive

Electrical System

Voltage 24V DC
Alternator 55A
Batteries 105 Ah, 2×12 V


Glassfibre reinforced plastic with PVC foam insulation

Hagglund specifications (PDF 627kb)

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