She looked adorable! (I kept the costume. Sigh.) I even made a costume for me, using a turquoise pullover, plastic mask covered with feathers and matching boot toppers. Place holes for you child head and arms. Sponsored by Sunshine Lavender Farm. Hands on demonstrations to include planting, fertilizing, pruning, and problem solving. Gardeners are invited to bring their specific questions.

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The dirty little secret is that the loophole could be closed. The IRS could probably do what Europe just did even under existing law. But that won happen, because Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Franchise have enough political clout to stop the loophole from being closed and stop the IRS from going after them.

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Just drive in, pull up and order the steak and eggs a rib eye steak, hash browns, three eggs and toast. A steak and eggs breakfast here will set you back $7.91.”The more I see them eat the food, it makes me more happy,” Tony said.To understand why Tony keeps his prices so reasonable, you need to know a little bit about the man who emigrated from the island of Crete in search of a better life.”No job, no shoes, no nothing,” he said. Larry was 68 years old.We are saddened to report our beloved colleague Larry Himmel, CBS News 8’s legendary reporter, humorist and consummate broadcaster died Wednesday, November 5th following his brave battle with cancer.