Record: 12 2: Despite four Super Bowl appearances, many in Minnesota believe this Bud Grant team was his greatest. The Vikings began the season with 10 straight wins, and the NFC Central was so weak that they clinched the title on Thanksgiving. Fran Tarkenton had his MVP season, and Chuck Foreman was at his peak.

The long running interactive museum features several different habitats and freshwater viewing ponds. Bird watchers and hikers might also enjoy the Bird Walk, courtesy of the Golden Gate Audubon Society. Check the website for details.. But note that a brand ambassador need not be a celebrity; a company spokesperson, a customer or domain expert may well an ambassador. For instance, outdoor enthusiasts, inadvertently acting as ambassadors for Woodland shoes while trekking. Or the personal stories shared by consumers in Maggi’s ‘Me and Meri Maggi’ initiative.

You might know the name Enfield better as Royal Enfield, a British manufacturer of rifles and, later, motorcycles. However, for a brief period during the 1970s, an offshoot also made electric vehicles. They were homely little things, with plastic bodies and feeble eight horsepower powertrains.

W., Sonoma. 707.996.3220. Place to Sip Chai While Waiting Out the Undead. Despite the lack of attention afforded by drivers, tyre companies are ploughing millions into research and development to make them perform to their peak. So what has this achieved, and what will the future hold? With every part of a car becoming more connected, why not tyres, too? Perhaps we really could see someone reinvent the wheel.Tyre reviews: best car tyres 2016/2017To find out about the tyre revolution, Auto Express Wholesale NHL Jerseys headed to Goodyear’s headquarters in Colmar Berg, Luxembourg. It’s more than just a factory; it’s more like Goodyear city, with 3,000 employees representing more than 50 nationalities that’s 15 per cent of the company’s global workforce, with the rest based in the USA, Germany and, since 2015, China.In Luxembourg, workers are split across a test track, production line, mould plant and innovation centre.

Costa Brava and Costa Dorada ” As we move east to the beautiful Northern Catalonian coastal regions of the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, so accessibility increases. Barcelona airport is the main airport for these regions and it welcomes cheap UK and US flights. You can then connect to Girona in the Costa Brava region or Reus in the Costa Dorada region.

Should a tunnel ever be built then the property prices on the Island would rocket. This, on the face of it be nice for the current island residents, but the short term gains could have dire consequences for the next generation of islanders. Well heeled Londoners and stock brokers from the inner M25 would invade in their hoards, with money to burn from “bonus” payments, buying up anything decent as a Weekend retreat.