smart parking meters coming to downtown lincoln

The city’s general fund balance shrank from $16.1million at the end of 2007 2008 to $2.7million at the end of 2008 2009, according to an audit by Rogers, Anderson, Malody Scott LLP. At the end of 2009 2010, the firm reported the general fund’s balance as $410,000. The city’s cash on hand has been as low as $150,000, said Interim City Manager Andrea Travis Miller.

And for Oregon State it may look like a bad thing, but when you look at the whole doughnut instead of the hole in the doughnut, it turns out to be a good thing. The program had become stale under Riley and if he was indeed let go after next season the cash strapped school would have to buy him out. Perhaps a new coach will convince the school to use the millions generated from the conference TV deal to upgrade the facilities as OSU is really, really losing the battle thereto not only Oregon, but the rest of the Pac 12 conference schools as well..

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Let call it for what it is. It just another door tax. Democrats always try to punk you into a phony rational to get a few more $ pretending to fix a problem they create. Much like popular brand names don appear overnight, making a professional name for yourself and raking in huge checks doesn happen incidentally. It takes a ton of work and requires you to leverage every possible outlet to get your professional name out there. Fortunately, this doesn require a huge marketing budget or a big name PR firm.

So you see, now I never know what to expect from Mediawatch. Will it make me laugh, or make me shake my head in cheap jerseys from china disbelief. What a sorry state of affairs. Put millions of our people to work as we rebuild it.”During the campaign, he pledged a $1 trillion program to rebuild America.”Working together, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the American dream,” Trump declared.It is unclear whether Trump will open his rebuilding plan to foreign firms.However, China is building the world’s fastest trains, longest bridges and most modern airports and boasts the world’s largest foreign exchange reserves.China is the world’s undisputed construction superpower, spending more on infrastructure than North America and Western Europe combined, according to a report published last June by global consulting firm McKinsey Company. During the entire 20th century (only 4.5 gigatons from 1901 2000), according to a book by Vaclav Smil, a professor of environmental science at Canada’s University of Manitoba.China also possesses engineering marvels like the world’s longest sea bridge (26.4 miles), the Three Gorges Dam spanning the Yangtze River which is five times larger than America’s Hoover Dam and a 12,000 mile bullet train network which is longer than the rest of the world combined. It will double to 24,000 miles by 2025.Seven of the world’s 10 largest and busiest ports are in China, with not a single American one in the list.During a presidential debate, Trump decried the state of America’s infrastructure, saying the country’s airports are from “the third world,” while blaming China for making progress at America’s expense.Trump also accused China of keeping down the value of its currency to boost export of cheap goods and steal manufacturing jobs.Beijing has rejected the allegation, arguing that the cheap goods have benefited the American consumers.But a sign of possible change of thinking emerged last week.