Pacto Toilets

A Green Toilet With No Environmental Footprint

Pacto is the ideal alternative to a traditional water-flushing toilet and it is clean, odourless and easy to use. It is environmentally friendly, does not need or use scarce water or other natural resources, and Pacto offers an environmentally friendly way of recycling waste.

The Pacto toilet has a five-year warranty on all materials, and Arctic Tracks is the authorized distributor in Canada.

The Pacto toilet works in any climate, hot or cold, without the need for heating, and is suitable for permanent use or for use as a mobile toilet.

Pacto is popular with mining and exploration companies in Alaska and the far north, and with military and aid relief organizations. Proven Pacto toilets have been in use around the world since the 1960s. They have been deployed in disaster relief zones in Turkey and Japan, and Pacto was selected as part of the kit for the Nordic Battle Group, an EU rapid deployment battle group.

How a Pacto Toilet Works

Pacto is user-friendly and after each visit, the toilet is “flushed” by stepping on a pedal at the base. This feeds the bowl liner and waste into the waste repository by mechanical means, a new liner is supplied automatically and a mechanical seal encloses the waste and prevents any odours. The next user sees a perfectly clean toilet.

Transportation and Assembly

A Pacto toilet can be put into operation in minutes and dismantled just as quickly.
Weighing only 16 kilos, each toilet is delivered folded down and packaged into a box measuring 19 x 19 inches. Because Pacto is so light and compact, storage and transportation are simple and cost-effective.

Assembling the toilet takes only a few minutes. Just unpack it from the box and release the bottom half and lock it in place by flipping a switch. Position Pacto above the waste repository and the toilet is ready to be fitted with foil and used.

If there is a need to move the toilet, Pacto can be easily disassembled and transported to a new location.

What Happens to the Waste

There is no need to separate different kinds of waste or limit the use of the Pacto. All waste matter and liquid are stored together in a repository below the toilet. The waste is packaged safely in an extra-strong, leak-proof polythene bag.

Simply remove the bag and incinerate it. Emptying the Pacto does not require direct contact with the waste matter. The flushing mechanism encapsulates the waste in specially developed, extremely durable foil. All the handler needs to do is remove the polythene bag from the repository and load the next bag ready for use.

There are no harmful chemicals – the specially designed foil and polythene give off only water and carbon dioxide when burned.

Pacto Installation

The Pacto can be installed over an optional Podium which serves as a waste repository and holds the collecting bags. To complete this installation, flow-through air ventilation is required.

Pacto Supplies

The flush foil for the Pacto toilet is made of polythene. It is very tough to ensure it does not burst during the transportation of the waste. The foil is environmentally friendly and can be incinerated after use, leaving only carbon dioxide and water.

One box of flush foil contains 15 collecting bags and 5 cassettes, enough for about 1500 flushes.

Pacto Toilet Specifications

Pacto ToiletPodium

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